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View this post on Instagram É com muita felicidade, que dei início ao projeto tão sonhado em ter a minha própria academia, gostaria de agradecer ao excelente trabalho da Designer @crisgusmao.usa que vem trabalhando para deixar tudo perfeito. Em breve em Orlando: Ronaldo Jacaré BJJ Academy. 😁🐊 <> I am so happy to say that I have just started the project of my BJJ Academy. I am so thankful for @crisgusmao.usa expert designer for having embraced this project with me . She is doing an amazing job . Coming to Orlando soon : Ronaldo Jacare BJJ Academy A post shared...

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In BJJ, few published guidelines or standards determine when a practitioner is ready for promotion; the criterion is generally determined by individual instructors and/or academies. There are actual 6 distinct belt systems used in BJJ and each one is different. The IBJJF, which is leading BJJ federation, maintains an extensive graduation system that takes into account time-in-grade and membership standing, but makes no mention of specific performance or skill requirements. When instructors or academies comment on the criteria for promotion, the most widely accepted measures are the amount of technical and conceptual knowledge a practitioner can demonstrate, and performance in grappling...

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