12 Realistic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu New Year Resolutions

12 Realistic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu New Year Resolutions


How much are you willing to give up to start over? The New Year is around the corner and we all want to switch the old habits with new ones. January 1st is a whimsical date to start something fresh- after being inspired by the holiday cheers and New Year momentum.

Start your 2019 BJJ training with these 12 ideal resolutions that are both worthwhile and realistic.


1. Work on perfecting your basics

Work towards mastering your basic techniques. How so? Do more practice. Perfecting basics is not limited to beginners or intermediates, black belts also do practice their basics. Knowing how to arm bar is not the final step, keep moving.

2. Working on Your Strength is Essential

BJJ itself is a way of building your strength. Employing new exercise techniques to improve on your strength is a good deal. So, dedicating or sparing a day or two each week to work on your muscles is a wise decision.

3. Improve on Your Flexibility

Grappling is a good technique for attaining flexibility.  Even though super flexible grappling is way of taking your grappling to the next level, it’s definitely not easy. However, you can try it out. Seated abduct stretching, butterfly stretch are good examples of stretching; which of course is a method of improving flexibility. Just don’t get stuck with one method.

4. Watch Your Diet

Start your new year with a healthy diet. Check out Gracie diet for more details about BJJ diet. As far as diet is concerned, you really don’t need to push too hard, just try to maintain a healthy balance. Making some small but visible adjustments on your sugar intake is a nice step.

5. Cut Some Weight

If one of your New Year resolutions is to join a lower- weight class competition, you will need to lose some weight. The right weight helps you perform better on the mat. Have something to motivate you through your weight loss journey. Remember, nothing works best like a little bit of ‘you can do it.'

6. Try Something New

Try something fresh! The New Year can work well with something new. Attend a no-gi class, go for yoga exercises or even join a swimming club. Basically, be flexible to try new training ideas.


7. Join a Competition

Get into a competition with a winning mentality. Locate a good tournament and enroll, regardless of your BJJ status (whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran). In jiu-jitsu there are only two choices ‘win or learn’, you learn from your losses. Competing is a way of improving your personal techniques and skills.

8. Make an Effort and Win a Medal

It's not impossible if you have a winning mentality. Be ambitious, train extremely smart and learn from your past competitions. Finally, focus on getting the gold. Be the next Marcelo Garcia!

9. Minimize Your Alcohol Intake

If you can’t do away with alcohol, the list you can do is to minimize the intake. Be your own master and control your drinking intake. Reducing your alcohol intake will help you stay focus on the mat.

10. Dedicate some Hours To Watch BJJ Techniques ( e.g. on YouTube)

There are awesome jiu-jitsu videos out there. You can watch the videos at your convenient place and time. Instead of staying idle you can click on good videos like Cerebral BJJ and learn new martial arts techniques.


11. Work on Lasting Longer on The Mat

It is not easy, but it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility. In jiu-jitsu endurance is absolutely everything. To improve on your mat rolling sessions do some extra cardio. Be it running a few extra laps or swimming more often, they are all worth giving a try.

12. Push a little bit Harder

Don’t settle for the obvious, go a little bit harder. If possible, start your new year with some extra drilling exercise. Come on! Harder means getting out of that comfort zone, taking every little bit of detail seriously and doing more in class.


Start acknowledging your New Year resolution and give it a try. It takes a little bit something extra to attain a goal. Avoid limiting yourself as a learner, be a winner.



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