Get to know 72-year-old BJJ Athlete, Roberto Aguila

Get to know 72-year-old BJJ Athlete, Roberto Aguila

In life, we all become happy when we accomplish something. In activities such as BJJ training, getting yourself a BJJ purple belt at any age is a good impression but getting a purple belt for 72-year-old Roberto Aguilar was one of the greatest accomplishments in his life. Responding after receiving the purple belt, Roberto termed it as ‘unbelievable'.   Of course, BJJ is one of the sporting activities that is physically and mentally challenging for young people. In the case of Aguilar, we expect it to be more challenging given his age. However, Aguilar says he had to find his own means of making the training exercise to be more interesting. He made sure that each of the training partners that he rolls with has an understanding on how to roll with someone like him given his age.

Aguilar also encouraged other older practitioners to try out jiu-jitsu training. He termed it as funny. He said old age is a condition which limits people from achieving their goals. After receiving the purple belt, he promised to make sure he works hard to match the promotion he had received.  The challenge is to get another belt as he progresses in his BJJ training.

Credit Photo Owner: Jiu Jitsu Times 



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