Competition Tips To Help You Win Before You Step On The Mat

Competition Tips To Help You Win Before You Step On The Mat

Here are a few tips from my run that might help you younger or less experienced competitors not fall into the same traps I did.

Don't Forget: You should not forget that tournaments are an all-day affair. I constantly see competitors running sprints, and drilling hard. They sometimes prefer hours before competing only to cool off again and sit back down. All such up and down activities zap your psychological state to a frenzy and burn your energy reserves. It should only take 10 minutes to warm up before your match. Better to relax and be ready to go on short notice than to blow your wad on the warm-up mat hours before you get a chance to compete.

Don't Work Too Much: Also, try your best to not to work too much before stepping on the mat. Get ready, get into the fight mode, but don’t become a psychopath😉. The more hype you get, the more your heart pumps blood to your muscles, which burns through glucose and oxygen levels. That equals fatigue. Don’t hype yourself up into failure.

Eating Habits: If you are cutting weight, have a good meal ready and waiting right after you get off the scale, but make sure you stay simple. That goes for eating the night before as well. Eating Habits are the ones that also correlates to understanding that you might be sitting for hours waiting for your matches. So make sure you have some snacks squirreled away for the day. Keep it light; fruits and power bars, maybe a sports drink to suck down.

Rules of the Event: Each tournament has their own rule set, so plan your strategy accordingly. Your training leading up to the event should also reflect this. Trust me, that is what makes champions become champions. So don’t be that guy that complains about the rules. if some guy won the match that just because he did what was necessary to win. End of discussion.

An Interesting Tip: Don’t dwell on how you feel the day of the event. If you are there, you’ve done enough to deserve to be there, and whether you believe in your mind or not, your skills will be ready for you if you let them. All you need to do is perform. Keep your eye on the prize and get it done.



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