Escape The Worst Position in Jiu-Jitsu

Escape The Worst Position in Jiu-Jitsu

The Escape Motion
After you’ve executed the precautionary steps, you need to initiate the movement necessary for your escape. To do this, instructor Igor shows that you need to bend and swing your legs into the direction you are facing towards. He mentions that it is very important that you don’t let your feet hit the floor and rest there. Your thigh and knee can touch the floor, but not your feet.
As your thigh and knee touch the floor, you need to promptly switch direction with your legs – while simultaneously extending the arm you hold your grip with, doing that by essentially pushing into the opponent’s leg.

This movement, done in unison, will get you to shift towards your opponent. Now, your elbow is pointing towards the ground and is off of it – which means that your opponent no longer has a kimura in place.
After that, you can push their shoulder in order to simply recover your guard or to go for an armbar.

Watch Igor Gracie explain this technique in great detail on the video below:



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