The Best BJJ Gifts Under $20

The Best BJJ Gifts Under $20

Christmas time is on the doorstep, and you know pretty sure what will you give to your loved ones. But there's a guy who could be your kid, cousin, whoever, how you are always have a problem with. Don't know what to buy, what would make him happy. However you'd just heard that he or she has just started to attend BJJ classes. There you go... Let's find some stuff under the tree, and fits to the budget let's see something under 20 bucks.

Rash Guards

A new rash guard is always welcomed. Wide range of selection is granted by the sellers and brands, you just need to choose which you think is the best for the one you'd like to give a great surprise.

Better quality of belt

Yes, you read it correctly, there are differences between belt and belt and not just its color, but the quality also. There are soft belts, gi material belt, premium belt, standard belt. And also the size from A0 to A5, and if the one you'd like to buy that lost or even gained weight, a new belt would be a great gift. But first please be sure that the dude is during gi jitsu not no gi.


Whether it's short or long, pants are really great to have both for gi and no gi guys. You can buy them together with rashguard, or separately also. Whichever you select, you cannot be wrong.


Under this I mean mostly the mouth guard, which could be so useful, when they fighting during the training. Also a good choice a training bag for the stuff, but it could be over $20.

All in all, if you have to buy something for someone who is doing jitsu, the variation of the options are infinite



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