Door Anchor Resistance Bands

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no gi bjj gear

no gi bjj gear

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Are you unhappy with your fighting skills?

If you have yet to develop your power to the level you want, it likely has nothing to do with you. We feel your pain.

Fighting is HARD. Your battle is our battle. We fight together!

Proper training with resistance bands is scientifically proven to help develop essential qualities.


  • Super Strong Heavy Duty Construction: This door anchor is made with thick nylon webbing, heavy-duty stitching and nylon inner cores for additional stability. designed and manufactured to be super strong. 
  • Works At All Points Of The Door: This door anchor utilizes dense but soft foam. Therefore, it can secure your bands at all points, even if there is a sizable space at the top and bottom of the door. This feature greatly increases the number of exercises that you can perform.
  • Protect Your Door and Your Bands: The soft foam end of the anchor will help prevent scratching and denting of your door. This becomes super important as you stretch the bands create great force between the anchor and your door. 

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