Smart Fitness Jump Rope

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no gi bjj gear

no gi bjj gear

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Smart Fitness Jump Rope is suitable for indoor and outdoor sports and frees you from having to worry about limited space, it is safe, quiet, and easy to use. You can adjust the rope to the most comfortable length or if there is not enough space, you can use the wireless skip mode. 



LCD DISPLAY SCREEN: High definition accurate digital display show your rope skipping quantity.

CORDLESS JUMP / ROPE JUMP: The creative design allows you to change the mode between Rope Jump and Cordless jump. In cordless mode, you can enjoy the jump wherever you want. Moreover, kids can use this cordless function to avoid being tripped by the rope.

KEEP TRACK: The big LCD screen shows a Timer, a Calories Counter, and a Jumping Counter, so you can adjust to get a better calorie burn result. Also, you can set either time reminder or jumping reminder, to get the target result. The jump rope can calculate the number of jumps and can show calorie count.

EASY TO USE: The jump rope has a built-in counter on the right handle that helps you know how many jumps you need for each purpose such as weight loss, burning fat, or body tone. You no longer need to count all the time or lose track! it is accurate and easy to reset.


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