Skeleton Village BJJ Rash Guard

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Skeleton Village BJJ Rash GuardĀ features skeleton design which reflects the intense lifestyle of being a BJJ fighter and combat any kind of training and fights. Train with the durable gear while looking awesome with this signature design.


Skeleton Village BJJ Rash Guard is a freakin' awesome gear that can withstand the compression to hold your muscles through a gel-panel technology elasticity making it more comfortable to wear and fight to win your battles. We are making it sure that it will match the needs of our customers so we add a moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry with the unbeatable comfort you will experience.

GEL PANEL TECHNOLOGY: Gel Panel technology can be found in the innermost bottom of the rash guard to add extra protection by controlling the movement while on training.

MATERIAL:Ā Made of high-elastic lycra and polyester fabric, Compressed fitness shorts that first to your body. Super comfortable as it features 4-way stretch performance fabric designed for maximum comfort and unimpeded range of motion.

DESIGN: A smart compression that makes you comfortable to move and an awesome design that rocks the world, skeleton symbolizes courage, bravery, and toughness to any battles and challenges with the additional features of a 100% guarantee that ensures your body dry, and keeps your muscles cool.

STITCHING:Ā Because of its flexibility, it changes its shape according to your body shapes. Which makes this product rock in everything.

GRAPHICS:Ā This rash guard features an attractive invigorating design that favors feeling hunk, to be brave and to be motivated to every challenge.

The Skeleton Village BJJ Rash Guard exclusively made for Nogi BJJ.Ā 



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