Aquarius Premium BJJ Shorts

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no gi bjj gear

no gi bjj gear

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For Men  
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Aquarius Premium BJJ Shorts is build to face intense training in everyday session. Design to enhance blood circulation throughout your muscles with the extent of space provided. 


Aquarius Premium BJJ Shorts is a valuable piece of shorts that contains gel-panel technology to provide extra grip and to avoid shorts going up while in an intense battle. Highly recommend shorts for those Aquarius who identified themselves as a Free-spirited and motivated person, this short can help you reach your goal by not worrying about your BJJ shorts.

GEL PANEL TECHNOLOGY: Inner gel panel technology in the waist that gives extra strength to grip preventing the shorts from going up while on fights or training sessions.

MATERIAL: Special blend of both Polyester and Spandex that makes it highly strong, outstanding durability, flexibility, stretchability and ultra-lightweight to give its maximum comforts.

DESIGN: Perfect for all combating sports with a classic look. Smart compression technology is present to this
Aquarius Premium BJJ Shorts is designed to enhance your blood circulation to the muscles with a meaningful design of an Aquarius for January 20 to February 18.

STITCHING: Special blend of numerous panel construction with an extreme density flat-lock stitching for good fit and lasting performance. Its flexibility gives you the freedom to move freely.

GRAPHICS: The Graphics and logos are 100% quality standard that will not crack nor peel that could last for a long time. Aquarius Premium BJJ Shorts symbolizes courage, toughness, and strength despite the long hours of a fight on the floor.


Aquarius Premium BJJ Shorts is fully equipped with an ultra-lightweight and durable stretch fabric to give extent space for blood to flow normally while on an intense fight.


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