Exploration Premium BJJ Shorts

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no gi bjj gear

no gi bjj gear

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For Men  
👉 Exploration Premium BJJ Set 
👉 Exploration BJJ Rash Guard

The Exploration Premium BJJ Shorts have an ergonomic design. They feature the mandatory side slits that make movement easier. They’re also 100% resistant to microbes, fungi and odor retention. The stitching is very high quality and is part of the latest technologies. As far as durability goes, reinforced stitching guarantees long life even under the harshest conditions. 


 Exploration Premium BJJ Shorts made with quality material mixture design to last. Multi-panel stitching for extra strength and gel-panel technology for more comfort. Specially made for intense MMA grappling and Jiu-Jitsu training.

GEL PANEL TECHNOLOGY: interior gel panel in the waist to provide extra grip preventing the rash guard from riding up while training.

MATERIAL: Mixture of Polyester and Spandex. This makes this highly strong, durable, flexible, stretchable, non-shrinkable and lightweight to give its maximum comfort.

DESIGN: A unique and Smart compression design to enhance your blood circulation to the muscles, keeps sweat away, ensuring your body dry, and keeps your muscles warm.

STITCHING: Multi-panel construction, high-density flat-lock stitching for optimal fit and durability. Because of its flexibility, it changes its shape according to your body shapes. Which makes this product graceful and elegant.

GRAPHICS: These shorts feature an attractive exploration design that resembles self-improvement, toughness, and strength despite struggles and challenges. 

These shorts feature a classic velcro plus drawstring closing mechanism at the waist. They’re extremely comfortable to wear and fit tightly around the waist. Four-dimensional stretch material is also a feature, meaning they can stretch to provide a lot of freedom of movement. They come in plenty of sizes and have a really cool-looking design that’s sublimated, so no chance of washing it off in the machine.



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