Scorpio Premium Quality BJJ Set

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no gi bjj gear

no gi bjj gear

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👉 Scorpio Premium BJJ Rash Guard
👉 Scorpio Premium MMA/BJJ Shorts
👉 Scorpio Premium Quality Spats

This Scorpio Premium Quality BJJ Set features Scorpio zodiac sign. Scorpio is fearless when it comes to trying new things and challenging themselves with the unknown. They have a strong reputation for being bold,  and because of this, other signs admire and look up to them for inspiration.


Scorpio Premium Quality BJJ Set made from a combination of two materials that work so well together when it comes to activewear, spandex and polyester. Bring you a high-quality garment that lasts long and does exactly what you expect to it. 

GEL PANEL TECHNOLOGY: The bottom of the rash guard and the waist of the shorts have an interior gel panel in it to provide extra grip preventing the rash guard from riding up while training.

MATERIAL: Mixture of Polyester and Spandex. The spandex lets the fabric stretch according to what you need while the polyester ensures that the material is soft, breathable, and fast-drying.

DESIGN: Designed to fit in your body in such a way that it will not restrict your movement, improve your blood circulation, and keep your muscles warm.

STITCHING: Multi-panel construction, high-density flat-lock stitching for optimal fit and durability. Its flexibility allows you to move with a wide range of motion.

GRAPHICS: This set features Scorpio zodiac sign which described as passionate, assertive, determined and decisive. Scorpios simply know what they want and aren't afraid to work hard and play the long game to get it.

This rash guard is made from lightweight, ultra-strong, compression material. It is slim fit so if you require more room in your shoulders or chest, you may need to move a size up.

This shorts feature a classic velcro plus drawstring closing mechanism at the waist. They’re extremely comfortable to wear and fit tightly around the waist.  This allows the shorts to act as a heat retainer, making sure your muscles do not cool too much. Four-dimensional stretch material is also a feature, ideal for working out to promote airflow.

These spats are designed to fit in your body in such a way that it will not restrict your movement, have a great ventilation system built-in and have moisture-wicking properties as well. It is comfortable, high-quality spats perfect for training and competition. Overall, great spats to have.


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