Green Dragon Premium BJJ Set

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5 Ways To Build Strength For Jiu-Jitsu Without Putting On Extra Weight

If you want to increase your strength while staying in your current weight class, you can apply some of these methods below to jack up your strength, but not your size.

1. Lift for strength, Lift heavy and with lower reps

The three main exercises that are helpful for BJJ practitioners are Deadlifts, Benchpress, and Squats. It is also advisable to use more specialized exercises like pull-ups, presses, rows to strengthen other parts of the body and that are used in a BJJ fight. 

2. Lift Explosively and use Olympic lifts

Critical exercises that are useful for BJJ are Olympic lifts (e.g., clean & jerk, the snatch, )  medicine ball throws and kettlebell swings are also excellent and a good option.

3. Eat lean, eat well

One of the basic ways to increase more muscle mass is by improving your calorie intake, which will satisfy your body with extra nutrients to generate this new muscle tissue. If you don’t eat sufficiently, your body won’t be able to get new muscle tissue, even if you are lifting hard in the gym. So the smart way to build strength without getting too big is by eating right and controlling your calorie intake.

As a rule of thumb: eat a lot of lean meats such as fish and chicken, drink lots of water, don’t overdo the carbs, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and avoid sweets and alcohol.

4. Train a lot of Jiu-Jitsu and train with heavyweights

You need to keep your BJJ conditioning up by training a lot and also train a lot with heavyweights as that is one realistic way to apply your strength in a BJJ setting.

5. Sprint

Nothing increases speed and quickness on the Jiu-Jitsu mats than sprinting itself. You can do sprint interludes or hill sprints to help improve strength and power specific to Jiu-Jitsu.


  • Made of high-quality polyester material

  • Designed for maximum comfort and unimpeded range of motion

  • Flatlock stitching for stronger, flexible and more comfortable seams

  • Maintains body temperature on hot or cool days

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