Hexagonal rubberised dumbbell

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no gi bjj gear

no gi bjj gear

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Hexagonal rubberized dumbbell can be used for both the upper body & lower body to strengthen all muscle groups. The hexagon shape of these dumbbells is designed to prevent the dumbbells from rolling and provide easier storage. This is made of grey cast iron, joined together by a cold-rolled solid steel handle and finished with a durable industrial enamel coating with gray silver weight markers.


    • VERSATILE – Dumbbells offer the ability to target specific muscle groups or attain a full-body workout; Build body mass, burn calories faster, increase endurance and strength, and benefit from a healthier body by using a dumbbell in your fitness routine.
    • CONSTRUCTION – Heads are made from grey iron joined together by a solid cold rolled steel chromed handle.
    • FEATURES – The original hex shaped ends prevent rolling. The comfortable, upgraded medium depth knurling on the handle provides essential grip and security during use. The coating is durable and effective.
    • FUNCTIONAL – Perfect for isolations, full-body, functional training, strength training, and HIIT workouts.

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