Instant Flexibility Trainer

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no gi bjj gear

no gi bjj gear

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For additional help:

You can improve your flexibility greatly by using the Instant Flexibility Trainer for just a few minutes a day every day. Flexibility is one of the holy grails of fighting abilities that will improve your performance and increase your resistance to injuries such as muscle and ligament tears. 


  • Improves reach and performance; Flexible fighters can perform a wider range of techniques, both offensive and defensive, than less flexible fighters. 
  • Prevents injuries; Once you develop strength and flexibility in your body you’ll be able to withstand more physical stress. Plus, you’ll rid your body of any muscle imbalances, which will reduce your chance of getting injured during physical activity
  • Improves recovery; When your muscles are looser and less tense, you’ll experience fewer aches and pains. Plus, you may be less likely to experience muscle cramps.
  • Enables you to use more techniques; People who are more flexible enjoy multiple benefits. They are able to kick higher and move with a wider range of motion.
  • Increases balance; Working out your body allows you to have proper alignment and correct any imbalances. Plus, with an increased range of motion, you may find it easier to sit or stand in certain ways.
  • Fully adjustable fit for everyone; Consists of 3 bars that are fully adjustable. Just press the notch and click them into place in seconds. Perfect for young children to adults who are over 6 feet tall.

How to use Instant Flexibility Trainer:

It's a simple piece of equipment to use. Pull the middle bar towards you and hold the position of contraction for 10-15 seconds. Repeat this multiple times. The middle bar is adjustable to increase the stretch further as you progress. It allows you to stretch up to 180 degrees. 

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