Pisces Premium Quality Spats

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Why Do All BJJ Athletes require To Strength Train?

Strength training will develop a grappler's strength-to-weight ratio, reduce injury risk, and avoid the loss of muscle mass as the body ages. All grappling sports need athletes to make a specific weight. To enhance performance and health, improving muscle mass with strength training is key.

When two grapplers step onto the mat with an equal skill who is going to win?

This question is requested frequently in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community. Many athletes believe the technique is the only thing that matters. There is no doubt in my mind that technology is necessary. However, when the technique is equal, then strength and conditioning do matter.

The advantage of a well-designed strength and conditioning program goes beyond performance.

A well-designed program will develop the athlete’s health and lessen injury risk. For a grappler, a well-designed plan must focus on the strength more than the conditioning.

Features of Pisces Premium Quality Spats

  • Made from lightweight, ultra-strong, moisture-wicking, compression material 
  • Flatlock stitching for stronger, flexible and more comfortable seams
  • Super comfortable as it features 4-way stretch performance fabric
  • Optimized for the highest level of athletic performance in BJJ, MMA, catch wrestling, no-gi, and submission grappling


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