Pisces Premium Quality BJJ Set

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  1. You will burn fat/lose weight. No matter what, your body will have less fat inside of 6 months of training than it did before you started. 
  2. One change that most people don’t think about is Cauliflower ear. It occurs when the ear suffers trauma which causes the skin to fill with fluid (similar to a blister.)  This pulls the skin away from the cartilage and the scar tissue that develops causes the ear to expand and deform.
  3. You will find your pain and discomfort threshold to be higher. This is a big one. People who have been practicing/training for a while often ignore that when you first start training, literally everything feels way worse than it really is. Beginners get scraped up on the mat.  They get mat burn, they get gi burn, they get tons of bruises and contusions.  This effect is drastically reduced with time put in on the mat.  It’s not so much that your body changes, it’s that you learn to move in such a way that you don’t suffer from as many of these bumps, scrapes, and bruises.
  4. Hands.  The hands are the most thoroughly affected body part of the jiu-jitsu player.  The longer one does jiu-jitsu the more powerful the grip becomes.  Also, grip dexterity greatly improves, we develop the ability to hold on or let go effectively.  The fingers of gi players become calloused, this is natural because the gi player is constantly rubbing their knuckles against the coarse fabric. Serious gi and no-gi players wind up with swollen knuckles from taking grips and having grips broken. Broken fingers and toes are not uncommon in jiu-jitsu.  
  5. Knees.  This is perhaps the most negative aspect of training jiu-jitsu. This can be as simple as chronic soreness or can be as critical as having to have knee surgeries.  The way we move, the way we carry ourselves on the mat will inevitably cause wear and tear. 


  • Made of high-quality polyester material
  • Designed for maximum comfort and unimpeded range of motion
  • Flatlock stitching for stronger, flexible and more comfortable seams
  • Maintains body temperature on hot or cool days


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