Red Premium BJJ Shorts

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Red Premium BJJ Shorts is designed for heavy pieces of training and intense fights. It has a high-performance multi-panel to help stay at your best. This gear has a unique technology that manifests your strength of character, enhances your blood movement and establishes a foundation to fit the intense way of life as a BJJ fighter. Be at your best with Red Premium BJJ shorts!


Red Premium BJJ Shorts is an ultra-lightweight and has long-lasting stretch fabric material with maximum moisture management. Fully optimized with the highest level of compression performance. We totally pick the perfect gear for you to have a 100% confident while living the intense lifestyle of a BJJ fighter.

MATERIAL:  Ultra-lightweight with special blend panel. Fully compressed fitness shorts with maximum moisture management. Sublimated graphics that will never crack, peel or fade.

DESIGN: Perfectly match with a smart compression premium design to maintain the durability of the stretch fabric, keeps sweat away and sustain the warmness of your muscles.

STITCHING: Equipped with Multi-panel materials, high level of density and durability. Extreme flexibility that maintains the level of maximum moisture.

GRAPHICS: These shorts feature an astounding premium design that represents braveness, toughness, and courage to face battles.

It is made of a polyester material which provides comfort. Smart compression of a stretch fabric gives muscles a good circulation of blood while training or fighting. This premium short is consists of dry technology which keeps sweat away and maintains the dryness. The design of this premium short is to develop the flexibility and mobility of the fighter.



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