Sagittarius Premium BJJ Rash Guard

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no gi bjj gear

no gi bjj gear

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Sagittarius Premium Rash Guard features a Sagittarius Zodiac sign.Ā There is no doubt thatĀ SagittariusĀ has what it takes to become a great martial artist. A fire sign ruled by Jupiter,Ā SagittariusĀ has all the characteristics of a great, fieryĀ fighter.


Sagittarius Premium BJJ Rash Guard made with quality material mixture design to last. It was specially made to impress BJJ fighters whose zodiac is Sagittarius. It maintains body temperature on hot and cold days.

GEL PANEL TECHNOLOGY: Interior gel panel technology in the bottom of the rash guard to give you an extra grip to prevent the rash guard from going up but to stay on position while you do some intense trainings or extreme fights.

MATERIAL: Special blend of Polyester and premium Spandex to make this Sagittarius Premium Rash Guard highly strong, durable, flexible, stretchable that will allow you to move freely without hesitation, non-shrinkable and lightweight to give its maximum comfort daily.

DESIGN: Special coverage of Sagittarius Premium Rash Guard, it has a unique compression technology to enhance blood flow throughout your muscles, keeps your sweat away, keeps your muscle warm and ensuring your body maintains the dryness.

STITCHING: Ultimate numerous panel construction, high-density flat-lock stitching for optimum fit, flexibility, and durability. This rash guard will give you more freedom to move and reach your black belt.

GRAPHICS: This rash guard was created to make you cool, awesome to look and most especially this rash guard has a unique technology to keep your sweats away with a gel panel technology to give extra grip to your rash guard in addition, the graphic and logos of this rash guard last for long and it will never crack nor peel.


Sagittarius Premium BJJ Rash Guard is a special rash guard that we've made. We offer all our efforts to those Sagittarians who work so hard to earn a black belt while doing so, we give you this rash guard to inspire you and remind you that YOU CAN DO IT! We guarantee a high-quality rash guard with an anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatment to refrain from getting infections.

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