Skeleton Village BJJ Set

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no gi bjj gear

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👉 Skeleton Village BJJ Rash Guard
👉 Skeleton Village MMA/BJJ Shorts
👉 Skeleton Village BJJ Spats

Skeleton Village BJJ Set features skeleton which reflects the intense lifestyle of being a BJJ fighter and combat any kind of training and fights. Train with the durable gear while looking awesome with this signature design.


Skeleton Village BJJ Set contains maximum mobility, intense moisture management with the full impact of cooling technology to maintain worry-free while rolling. Good for day-to-day use.

GEL PANEL TECHNOLOGY: Gel-Panel technology holds back the rash guard from riding up while training. It also gives extra grip and smooth compression technology.

MATERIAL: Composed of high-elastic Lycra and high-quality Polyester fabric, Lightweight with smart compression technology to create ease comforts by wearing this.

DESIGN: Distinctive pattern designs that aid the blood circulation going to our muscles and improve aerated tissue of our muscles.

STITCHING: Total comfort of elavated density flat-lock stitching to attain full reassurance and special blend panel construction for variations and breathability.

GRAPHICS: Skeleton Village BJJ set has its best premium feature that symbolizes roughness, extreme motivation to pursue life's goal.

This rash guard is known for its breathability as it features 4-way stretch performance material and all that is featured by this rash guard will never crack, peel or fade because it has the extreme quality control.

Unlease the discomforts by wearing this spats. This is made with a very comfortable material with an ultra-weight, ultra-durable compression material that fits to your body and helps to improve the flow of your blood to the muscles.

The extremely comfortable shorts to wear. It fit securely around the waist as it feature Gel panel technology and most especially it has velcro closure strap system, a hassle-free strap so for this day on, you will never spend time doing the hassle just by one press you're all set and done.


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