Superhero Rollers BJJ Rash Guard

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no gi bjj gear

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👉 Superhero Rollers Women Rash Guard

Superhero Rollers BJJ Rash Guard has an OSS written on it which means Onegaishimasu. It is a formal polite Japanese phrase to say to one's opponent before a game starts which means "Please do your best". Indeed, BJJ is a great tool to mold fighter's characters, morals, and principles. This BJJ rash guard is designed for high-performance training & competition. This gear is made to have a close fit for maximum moisture management. 


  • Crafted with the finest fabrics to withstand the toughest training conditions. 
  • Moist-wicking technology to keep away sweats.
  • Fully sublimated graphics that won't crack, peel, or fade over time and maintain a great look. 
  • Breathable, stretchy and quick dry for maximum comfort. 


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