Warrior 2.0 Premium BJJ Set

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This samurai warrior designed rash guard is one of our many unique designs.
Bushido mentions the eight virtues of a Samurai being: Morality, courage, compassion, politeness, honesty/sincerity, respect, loyalty, character plus self-control. 

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There’s no argument that Warrior 2.0 Premium BJJ Set has one of the best designs ever! The graphics cover the rashguard entirely and are resistant to any sort of peeling or fading. The inevitable compression and moisture-wicking technologies are there, as is a rubber waistband to keep it in place. Seams are reinforced with double flatlock stitching. Quick-dry technology helps you regulate body temperature and stay increase comfort.

Warrior 2.0 Premium BJJ Set is also optimized for high-level athletics, combat sports, BJJ, MMA, and other such activities. The rash guard is available in various sizes so you should be careful about which one you go for.


Advanced features and custom fit with features flat-lock stitching for stronger, flexible, and more comfortable seats. This rash guard was designed to guard against cuts, scrapes, or rashes. It will also keep your body dry and muscles warm. 


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