White Walkers Premium BJJ Set

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👉 White Walkers Premium Rash Guard
👉 White Walkers Premium BJJ Shorts
👉 White Walkers Premium Spats

This White Walkers Premium BJJ Set includes White Walkers Rashguard, Spats & Shorts it has the strength and sustainable construction to be equipped as BJJ fighter. This set features the most advanced compression technology that maintains good circulation throughout your muscles.


    White Walkers Premium BJJ Set has the ultimate piece of set that can help you keep up the intense fights and training. This Bundle has its special blend panel to give you comfort while wearing it. We make sure to provide the optimum quality that can satisfy your needs while reaching your goals as a BJJ fighter.

    GEL PANEL TECHNOLOGY: Gel Panel take out your worries with your gear 'cause Gel panel technology gives an extra grip preventing the rash guard to go up while on a fight.

    MATERIAL: Premium Polyester and high-quality Spandex. Unique stitching for extra hold, gel panel technology provides extra grip to be worry-free and smart compression technology to sustain your performance while on training or fights.

    DESIGN: A nice-looking Martial design that embodies the gear to allow great performance on the field with the extreme protection and smart compression technology.

    STITCHING: Ultimate coverage of Multi-panel construction, premium quality flat-lock stitching for optimal fit and durability.

    GRAPHICS: White Walkers Premium BJJ Set is tough gear for a tough fighter its a great match, it features more special that more than what you've expected. Designed with a Martial theme in blue color that makes you wear all the confidence in the world.

    White Walkers Premium Rash Guard is made from ultra-lightweight, ultimate strong gear that lasts longer with premium compression material. The best thing you need to know is that the graphics and logos will never crack or even peeled off.

    Breathability is a great priority in this White Walkers Premium Spats in order for you to move and fight comfortably and with a great ventilation built-in with the optimum moisture management to keep you dry along the way. Elasticity and Tear-resistant is the second on top material we've provided to ensure freedom movement with a 100% worry-free spats for you.

    White Walkers Premium Shorts has amazing features of classic velcro plus drawstring closing mechanism at the waist it is the highly suggested type of drawstring 'cause its more convenient to use. Four-dimensional stretch material is also a feature to give a lot of freedom to move the way you wanted.


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